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The Flashlight Shootout

The fastest-growing 1/8 mile race in the country

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1/8 Mile Races with a twist

There’s nothing in the world like lining up against your opponent and seeing who the better driver is. But light trees can be anticipated. Handheld flashlights can’t. The winner of our races ends up being the best driver on that night. But every night is different.

The drag scene had a lot of cars doing the same races over and over. The Flashlight Shootout intended to bring back a great human element to the races. Our goal is to give you a better race where YOU determine how well you do. Step up and show everyone what you can do.


Race Classes

Daily Driver

Off the lot, off the street, on the track – lets go!

True Street

You drive on the street with some “go fast” parts.

Outlaw Street

The car looks like it belongs on the street but it’s meant for the track.


It’s not just the size of the engine, is the size of the car.

Small Tire

It’s not the size of the tire, it the metal of the driver.

Big Tire

Metal, shmetal. We ride big engines and big tires.

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